JaCqueline Graziani, CNP

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  Capital University

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  University of Cincinnati

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Our mission at Advanced Neurologic Associates is to achieve value through the delivery of cost effective quality healthcare and the attainment of optimum patient outcomes within a regionalized system. One way we do this by incorporating different levels of providers to deliver quality patient care. Our providers include physicians, midlevel providers, nurses, and office staff who all work as a collective group to optimize your care.

When your follow-up appointment is schedule with Advanced Neurologic Associates you may be scheduled with a Midlevel Provider. Midlevel providers provide primary and some acute care, and are qualified to meet the majority of patients’ health-care needs. They promote a comprehensive approach to health care and emphasize the overall health and wellness of their patients.

They provide complete physical examinations, diagnose and treat many common acute and chronic problems, interpret laboratory results and X-rays, prescribe and manage medications and other therapies, and provide health teaching and counseling to support healthy lifestyle behaviors to help prevent and to treat illnesses.

Midlevel providers are a key contributor in Advanced Neurologic Associates goal of promoting patient care and patient education. Midlevel providers are registered nurses with a Masters Degree in Nursing, are licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing, and have national certification to practice as an advanced practice nurses. They work in direct collaboration with the physician, meaning the physician is always available if there are questions or concerns that the nurse cannot answer.

Our goal in having a Midlevel Provider as part of our team of healthcare providers is multi-dimensional.

    • A majority of their time is allocated to patients in promoting comprehensive patient education and wellness.
    • Having the Midlevel Provider manage the primary care of patients with chronic conditions allows a better and more functional balance of time and care spent between patients and physicians.
    • And we help support the need for cost effective medical care.


We look forward to being part of your healthcare team.



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We are honored to serve you and dedicate ourselves to the betterment of medicine and the health of our patients