The physicians at ANA have long been involved in MS Research. We integrate patient care with clinical research to develop more effective therapies aimed at providing a better quality of life for all MS patients. Our staff is dedicated to uncovering the complexities, effects, and causes of MS and in providing more effective supportive care for our patients and their families.

ANA participation in trials provides our patients the opportunity to participate in MS studies of new drug therapies and rehabilitative therapies and to experience the effectiveness of the latest treatment strategies.

The physicians at Advanced Neurology Associates are proud to make available several Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain research trials. Since 1977 we have been affiliated with major pharmaceutical corporations such as Novartis and Biogen-Idec as a clinical research center. We participate in worldwide clinical trials which determine safety and efficacy of new drug therapies. Some of these study drugs have not yet been approved by international health authorities, others are being tested to establish new modalities. Over the years we have enrolled and monitored numbers of patients in a variety of drug study trials. The data from these trials have resulted in medications approved by the FDA and implemented as successful disease modifiers.   

As a long standing and successful clinical research center we have access to many research protocols. One of our focuses is with studies of investigational oral MS drugs. Current MS therapies are limited to injectable or infused medications, the potential of a beneficial oral drug could offer these patients an entirely new form of treatment. We share study interests with The University of Toledo Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic as well as Loyola University. The physician investigators and RN clinical coordinators attend international educational research conferences to maintain the highest trial standards.

Our study protocols are commonly Phase II or Phase III investigational drug studies as well as some monitoring studies. All are approved by national Institutional Review Boards as well as several local Institutional Review Boards. Depending on the particular study, patients are generally provided with screening and monitoring diagnostic testing as well as drugs and are monitored closely throughout the term of the trial.

Success of clinical trials depends on a well informed physician and the participation of their patients who volunteer. Participants in clinical trials can play a more active role in their own health care, gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, and help others by contributing to medical research. If you have a patient or are a patient who might be a candidate for one of our clinical studies please call our office and speak to one of the research nurses who can advise you of the current enrolling studies and specific screening criteria.

To schedule an evaluation for yourself or your patient, please call us at 419.483.2403.


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